Grey Goose Vodka

Grey Goose Vodka French VodkaVery smooth, pure tasting Vodka with the undertones of citrus

Made from French wheat and water which has been naturally filtered over Grande Champagne limestone.

Grey Goose selects wheat certified as Class 1 “blé panifiable supérieur” or “superior bread-making wheat”- the same wheat used to make world-renowned French pastries.

Country of origin: France
Alcohol: Content 40% Vol
Brand: Grey Goose
Awards: Dall’esperienza dei mastri distillatori della regione del cognac, unita ai moderni metodi di produzione, prende vita grey goose: la vodka che racchiude in sé l’eleganza e la raffinatezza della migliore tradizione francese
Manufacturer/Producer: Grey Goose Vodka

GREY GOOSE vodka achieves its signature smoothness and character using the finest ingredients and an unrivalled level of craftsmanship.

We harness the very best from the highest quality ingredients to create The World’s Best Tasting Vodka.