La Folie de Pierre Chardonnay

La Folie de Pierre Chardonnay White WhiteType: Light and refreshing dry white
Vintage: 2015
Manufacturer/Producer: Laithwaites Wine
Grape: Chardonnay
Wine Type: White White
Country of origin: France
Alcohol Content: 12% Vol
Brand: Laithwaites Wine

La Folie de Pierre is the creation of Pierre Sauvion, a fourth generation Loire winemaker. His uncle owned the celebrated Château du Cléray in Muscadet where Pierre remains head winemaker. Having studied oenology at university in Bordeaux and worked in Australia and California, Pierre is the epitome of the modern, forward thinking French winemaker whose approach shines through in the contemporary style of his wines.

Pierre sources grapes from two areas – Touraine, next door to Sancerre in the Central Vineyards, and Haut Poitou, a little further to the south – to strike the balance of complexity, freshness and ripe fruit. We think he’s hit it spot on. Enjoy with hot smoked salmon, white fish or warm butternut squash and goat’s cheese salad.