Pineau des Charentes Blanc

Pineau des Charentes Blanc French Pineau des Charentes BlancPineau des Charentes has a deep, golden colour.
On the nose there are notes of fig, almond, prune, rancio, honey and spices
These aromas mingle with the flavours of grapes and cognac on the palate to give a smooth, round and lingering Pineau.

Country of origin: France
Alcohol Content: 17% Vol
Brand: Chateaux Drouineau
Vintage: NV
Manufacturer/Producer: Drouineau

Pineau des Charentes is a lovely concoction from Charente-Maritime in Western France.

First produced as a result of a mistake made in the cellars when a barrel of grape must was put into a empty barrel which in fact contained some eaux de vie, it was then sent back to the seller to age until it was discovered some years later, hey presto! Pineau des Charentes was born.

Delicious served chilled as an aperitif or can be used with desserts.