Rubis Chocolate Wine


Chocolate Red Wine 500ml

Delicious Chocolate indulgence
Fantastic Gift
Try it on Ice Cream!!
500 ml bottle
100% Tempranillo

An indulgent blend of fortified red wine and premium chocolate flavour. Velvety chocolate in the mouth with red fruit and cherry flavours. Drink as a liqueur with or without ice. The perfect dessert wine to accompany chocolate based sweets or even ice cream. 50cl 100% Tempranillo red wine from La Mancha, Spain

Our View

This is a jolt to the system, in a good way! It’s velvety smooth, richly deep, and there’s no nasty after taste. The chocolate is fabulously dark and I could actually smell the hints of cherry, the mix of the two is very well judged, the wine doesn’t overpower the chocolate, and the visa versa. It’s sweet though and is likely to please those with a sweet tooth.