Wagamama Menu Prices

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Wagamama Menu Prices

Wagamama is a restaurant chain that serves pan-Asian food, with inspiration from a modern Japanese ramen bar style. Customers sit beside each other at large tables. Their restaurants have Asian beers, wines, fruit juices, cakes, ice cream, and other luscious drinks and desserts.

Below is a table containing information estimate Wagamama Menu Prices.

Wagamama Menu Prices, Wagamama Restaurant Menu Prices

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Wagamama Sides

Perfect to share or pair with meal
wok-fried greens£4.35
raw salad£3.50
goma wakame salad£4.35
pork ribs£6.75
grilled pork bulgogi wraps£5.75
lollipop prawn kushiyaki£6.25
chilli squid£5.80
tori kara age£5.25
mushroom onigiri£5.50

Wagamama Gyoza

chicken gyoza£5.80
yasai gyoza£5.75
duck gyoza£5.90
ebi gyoza£5.95
pulled pork gyoza£5.90

Wagamama Extras

miso soup and japanese pickles£1.95
a tea-stained egg£1.00
japanese pickles£1.00
brown rice£2.00
white rice£2.00

Wagamama Donburi

Big bowls of Rice, meat and vegetables
cha han£8.25
yasai cha han£7.75
teriyaki donburi (chicken)£9.50
teriyaki donburi (beef)£10.95

Wagamama Curry

chicken katsu curry£9.75
grilled chicken katsu curry£9.75
yasai katsu curry£8.95
raisukaree (chicken)£10.95
raisukaree (prawn)£11.95
surendra’s curry (yasal)£8.95
surendra’s curry (chicken)£10.95
surendra’s curry (tilapia fish)£10.95
kare lomen (chicken)£10.45
kare lomen (prawn)£11.50
itame (chicken)£10.45
itame (prawn)£11.50
itame (yasal)£9.25

Wagamama Teppanyaki

Noodles that are cooked on a flat griddle
yaki soba£8.25
yasai yaki soba£7.75
teriyaki soba (salmon)£12.25
teriyaki soba (beef)£13.95
yaki udon£8.95
ginger chicken udon£9.50
wagamama pad-thai (chicken and prawns)£9.95
wagamama pad-thai (yasal)£8.95

Wagamama Ramen

Huge bowls of soup and noodles
chicken ramen£8.95
wagamama ramen£10.25
grilled duck ramen£12.95
chilli ramen (chicken)£10.25
chilli ramen (beef)£12.95
saien soba£9.25
pork ramen£9.25
coconut seafood broth£12.95

Wagamama Chilli Dishes

chilli men (chicken)£10.95
chilli men (prawn)£11.95
yasai chilli men£9.50
firecracker (chicken)£9.95
firecracker (prawns)£10.95

Wagamama Salads

mandarin and sesame chicken salad£10.25
warm tofu chilli salad£9.25
warm chilli chicken salad£9.75
grilled tuna with stir-fried vegetables£11.15

Wagamama Fresh Juices

All fresh juices are £3.50 (Regular) and £4.50 (Large)

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