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Bombay Sapphire Gin

Bombay Sapphire Gin
Bombay Sapphire

The incomparable taste of Bombay Sapphire is the result of ten carefully selected botanical ingredients coupled with a unique distillation process called vapour infusion
The tantalising, smooth and complex taste that you experience when you sip Bombay Sapphire gin, is described as fresh citrus and juniper flavours combined with an elegant light spicy finish.
A unique blend of Mediterranean lemon peel, juniper berries, almonds and orris, balanced by a heady mix of coriander, liquorice, angelica and cassia bark and spiced with cubeb berries and grains of paradise
Bombay Sapphire’s versatility allows perfect combination with a wide number of flavours. Bombay Sapphire and tonic is the classic serve, over a glass full of fresh ice, garnished with a wedge of lime
Product Description
Every one of our gins reflect our rigorous selection process and uncompromising approach to creating fresh, clean, bright flavours that are perfect for creating exceptional mixed drinks
Once we’ve hand-selected the finest botanicals on earth, there’s no way we’re then going to boil them. We gently vapour infuse them to capture their bright, vibrant flavours.

Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice Gin

Midsummer Solstice Gin Hendrick’s
Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice Gin

Deeply floral, definitively Hendrick’s. A delightfully floral limited edition gin, inspired by nature’s most vivid blooms on the Midsummer Solstice.
Product Description
This delightful and refreshing take on the Hendrick’s house style gin is Master Distiller Lesley’s Gracie’s tribute to the sensory powers of the Midsummer Solstice, when botanicals (flowers in particular) are believed to be at their most powerful.
It sees the Hendrick’s Gin recipe instilled with a secretive selection of floral essences that enhance its existing botanical bouquet. The result is an enchantingly floral gin that blossoms on the palate, but is unmistakably Hendrick’s.
This especially unique gin is true to the Hendrick’s original ’round’ house style, but is infused with floral essences that capture the aromatic intensity of a midsummer day.
Nose: Juniper adorned to perfection with fragrant zest and deeply floral character. Initial brightness melts to reveal deep undertones of orange blossom and an alluring exotic ripeness.
Palate: A bloom of lush flora melts to reveal the unmistakable Hendrick’s House style; juniper, subtle spice, and a mellow floral finish which luxuriates on the palate eventually giving way to the signature rose whisper.
Midsummer Solstice Gin
Blissful with tonic over ice, garnished with a slice of cucumber and orange, it delivers an alluring pop of floral zest in mixed drinks. Why not try our signature cocktail, the Solstice Spritz? 50ml Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice Gin 50ml sparkling wine 150ml tonic water Add all the ingredients to a large wine glass full with cubed ice, stir gently to mix. Garnish with a cucumber ribbon and slice of orange.
Gin Midsummer Solstice

Prucia Plum French Liqueur

Prucia Plum French Liqueur
Made from high quality plums
Extremely smooth, fresh and delicate
Unique nectar is a harmonious blend
Enjoy the ultimate plum liqueur…
Serving Recommendation: Serve chilled
Country of origin: France
Alcohol Content: 15% Vol
Brand: Prucia
Cuisine: French
Package Information: bottle
Manufacturer/Producer: Isake
Prucia Plum French Liqueur is made in France with Carefully selected from their own French-grown Golden Japanese plums. Prucia is made by macerating the plums in grape spirit before ageing in French oak barrels and matured to perfection.
The end result having a harmonious blend of almond & marzipan along with the juicy plum flavours. Great in a glass of sparkling wine as an alternative Kir Royale”.

Mandarine Napoleon Liqueur

Mandarine Napoleon Liqueur
Perfect main ingredient for exciting cocktails and mixed drinks.
The only liqueur in the world made with natural mandarines.
Great in cooking, desserts, pancakes and with ice cream.
Serving Recommendation Mandarine’s Old Fashioned
Place one brown sugar cube into a glass and muddle with 50ml bourbon. Add two splashes of Angostura Bitters and 50ml Mandarine Napoleon with a good scoop of ice and stir well. Garnish with a mandarin twist.
Country of origin: Belgium
Alcohol Content: 38% Vol
Brand: Mandarine Napoleon
Manufacturer/Producer: De Kuypers
Product Description
First bottled in 1892, but produced some time before, Mandarine Napoleon was said to be a personal favourite of the Corsican-born emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte. In fact, it was Napoleon’s physician, Antoine-Francois de Fourcroy, who first had the idea of macerating mandarines in alcohol and then blending with the finest aged cognacs.
Mandarine Napoleon is based on a distillate of only the fruits essential oils and its distinctive flavour comes from Sicilian-grown mandarines (tangerines). Added to this are four spices, rich in essential oils and aromatics, and two types of plant extract – all blended together they help to achieve this unique composition of flavours. Only natural ingredients are ever used and the distictive colour comes from natural colouring – aided by both the ingredients and the wood of the barrel.
Today Mandarine Napoleon continunes to be savoured around the world, just as it was over 200 years ago by Napoleon himself. It has a history and heritage that most spirits can only dream of and has proven it is one of the longest-standing spirits, worthy of any back bar. It is this history and heritage that keeps Mandarine Napoleon relevant as a key ingredient in so many of today’s highest quality cocktails and long drinks.
Mandarine on the Rocks / Serve in a rocks glass over ice as an aperitif or digestive.

eKitch Cocktail Set

eKitch Cocktail Set
Including 750ml Shaker, Muddling Spoon, Hawthorne Strainer, Double Ended Measure
Award winning Gift set with cocktail kit, syrups, and cocktail recipe App
Double ended 1part/2part jigger, 3 piece 700ml cobbler shaker
Muddling Spoon, Hawthorne cocktail strainer
Cocktail App included for Android and IOS
3 delicious cocktail syrups – Vanilla, Daiquiri and Passion Fruit
Get ready to wow your friends with your knowledge of cocktail making, and become an expert barman from the comfort of your kitchen.
Our Cocktail Kit gift set brings a new take on the traditional cocktail set, this one includes the syrups that you need to make great cocktails.
Download the included cocktail kit app which is crammed full of delicious alcoholic cocktail recipes for all to enjoy. Whether you’re a connoisseur of the cosmopolitan or a slurper of the Woo Woo… you’ll find a cocktail recipe to suit you.
Featuring all the classics. Including; Margaritas, Tom Collins, Long Island Iced Tea, Whisky Sour, Moscow Mule, Mojito, Black Russian, Rob Roy, Mimosa and many more…

Russell Hobbs Buckingham Filter Coffee Machine

Russell Hobbs Buckingham Filter Coffee Machine
Available Black and Silver

Advanced showerhead technology for improved temperature and coffee extraction
50% faster to optimum temperature
Glass carafe with 1.25 L capacity without the need for paper filters
Blue Illuminated light ring during brewing and keep warm
With one cup coffee scoop and permanent filter

Brand: Russell Hobbs
Model Number: 20680
Colour: Black and Silver
Item Weight: 1.9Kg
Product Dimensions: 23 x 32.5 x 20.5cm
Capacity: 1.25 litres
Volume Capacity: 1.25 litres
Power / Wattage: 1000 watts
Material: Stainless Steel
Special Features: Jug, Programmable, Thermal, Timer
Russell Hobbs Buckingham Coffee Maker
If you love the taste of coffee, you’ll love the freshly filtered flavours of coffee from a Buckingham Coffee Maker. One of the reasons coffee from this Coffee Maker tastes the way it does is down to the brewing system.
Showerhead technology extracts more of the coffee flavour.
The Buckingham Coffee Maker uses showerhead technology during the filtering process. This showers all of the coffee grains in the permanent filter, making sure that all of the coffee is used. Because more of the coffee is captured and dissolved, you enjoy a richer coffee flavour – and less waste in filter. Whether you prefer intense or mild flavours, this machine makes coffee just how you like it.
Faster to optimum brewing temperature
The Buckingham Coffee Maker reaches the optimum brewing temperature, up to 50 per cent faster for optimal tasting coffee. It also has a 24 hour programmable timer that allows you to set your machine to have your coffee ready and waiting first thing in the morning or after your evening meal, whenever you like it best.
Aesthetically pleasing
The Buckingham Coffee Maker is designed to be compact and stylish. It can make up to 10 cups at a time in its 1.25 litre glass carafe and, if you don’t need that many, it can be set to make two to four cups. It has a blue illuminated light ring that comes on during brewing and stays on during the ‘keep warm’ stage.
At the heart of your home
At Russell Hobbs, products offer more than just quality, style and innovation – they help create delicious moments to be savoured. That first cup of coffee in the morning, the warmth of a freshly ironed shirt, the simple joy of sharing a freshly cooked meal with family – these are the things that truly matter. From kettles and toasters to irons and food preparation, all appliances offer stylish ways to make life easier. Designed with real people in mind, for solutions that help make home life even more enjoyable.

Savisto Retro Food Stand Mixer

Savisto Retro Food Stand Mixer
1260W – With 5.5L Bowl, Splash Guard, Dough Hook, Whisk, Beater
Make baking easier with this fantastic 3-in-1 food stand mixer from Savisto; complete with beater, dough hook and whisk attachments, a transparent splash guard and a silicone spatula.

A large capacity, 5.5 litre stainless steel mixing bowl is included to make mixing a breeze. The bowl can be locked in place to prevent spillages, or fully removed and carried with a convenient handle
Boasts an impressive 800 watt motor with the ability to push to 1260 watts when under heavy load; with 6 speed settings and a pulse mode, this baking mixer can make quick work of any ingredients.
Featuring a transparent splash guard with an ingredient chute to keep your worktop and mixing machine clean from any mess and four anti-slip feet to ensure stability during the mixing process.
Dimensions (with bowl): 450mm Width ¦ 320mm Height ¦ 233mm Depth.

Product Description
Savisto 3-in-1 Food Stand Mixer with Beater, Whisk & Dough Hook Attachments
Take the effort out of baking with this automatic food stand mixer from Savisto; whether you’re an aspiring cook, a professional chef or simply someone who enjoys cooking in your spare time, this electric food mixer is the perfect appliance for any traditional, modern or contemporary kitchen.
With a powerful 800W motor that can, when under strain, automatically increase up to 1260W, several unique accessories for handling different ingredients and a large 5.5L mixing bowl; you can be sure that this Savisto food mixer has everything you need to make cooking and baking a breeze.
Includes Three Unique Attachments:
1 x Beater
For general purpose mixing, beating, folding and combing, this paddle shaped heavy duty die cast beater will gently, but thoroughly combine your ingredients in the most efficient way possible. From cake mixtures, icing and creams to batters, doughs and everything in between; this is the attachment that will see the most use for day-to-day mixing.
1 x Whisk
A large stainless steel balloon whisk is included to make quick work of all light mixing. Whether you’re preparing a delicious cake mixture, a tasty batter, or anything that requires really incorporating air into the mixture; the whisk attachment is the go to tool for the job.
1 x Dough Hook
If you’re a fan of freshly baked bread or homemade pizzas and pies, this die cast dough hook is the attachment for you. Do away with the hard work involved in mixing and kneading dough; this uniquely angled hook will gather, combine and knead the dough for you, resulting in a perfect mixture ready for baking.
Also included is 1x Transparent Splash Guard to ensure your mixer and worktop stay clean when mixing messy ingredients and 1 x silicone spatula for scraping the mixing bowl clean when you’re finished mixing.
Box Contains
1 x Beater, 1 x Whisk, 1 x Dough Hook, 1x Transparent, 1 x silicone spatula, 1 x Stand Mixer

Classic Belgian Chocolates

Classic Belgian Chocolates
Luxury British Belgian & Continental Chocolates Pralines & Chocolate Truffles by Eden4chocolates

Sumptuous Boxed Chocolates, Chocolate Truffles & Pralines Delivered Direct by Eden4chocolates to Your Chosen Recipient. Available UK Wide, Highlands & Islands Included.
Insist on Eden4chocolates Luxury Chocolates for Every Occasion & Celebration – English Belgian & Continental Chocolate Selections.
Your Personal Message Printed Directly to a Stylish A5 Folded Gift Card and included.
Quality & Freshness Guaranteed: Our Chocolates come with our Eden4chocolates Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction.

A stylish clear acetate top gold box filled with a delicious selection of our milk, white and plain Classic Belgian chocolates 710g.
This striking gift of sumptuous chocolates by Eden4chocolates will make any occasion or celebration extra special. It is Perfect for Christmas sending, at Valentines Day, Mothers Day, and for Easter, ideal for dad on Fathers Day, for Anniversaries and for birthdays year round.
Our delicious Belgian chocolates are made using the very finest ingredients. Our selections boast a carefully chosen compliment praline and ganache centres and fillings smothered in luxury dark, milk and white chocolate. Certain centres will contain alcohol.
Allergy Information:
Contains NUTS, MILK, WHEAT, GLUTEN and SOYA Derivatives. Please contact us if you require specific information on ingredients prior to ordering. Your personal message can be added to a gift card and included for you when ordering from Eden4chocolates.

Mary Berry Everyday Cookbook

Mary Berry Everyday Cookbook
Everyday cooking is about sharing your love of food with family and friends. With this book I hope that you will feel encouraged to create new favourites, making everyday meals into something extra-special.’
Book Description
In this brand-new, official tie-in to Mary’s much anticipated 2017 BBC series, the nation’s best-loved home cook will show you how to inject a little Mary magic into your everyday cooking, with over 120 delicious recipes.
With Mary’s no-fuss guidance, discover a Mary Berry recipe for every day.
Mary Berry is the nation’s favourite baker and author of over 70 books, including the bestselling Mary Berry Cooks, Mary Berry’s Absolute Favourites, Mary Berry At Home and Mary Berry’s Baking Bible. She is the much-loved judge on the BBC’s The Great British Bake Off and has been teaching the nation to cook for over four decades.
Cordon Bleu trained in Paris, Mary began her career as a magazine cookery editor before publishing her first cookery book in 1966. Mary is also an AGA expert and taught AGA masterclasses for many years from her home with Lucy Young.
In 2009 Mary was awarded the highly coveted Guild of Food Writers Lifetime Achievement Award and in 2012 she was made a CBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

El Coto 2013 Rioja Crianza

El Coto 2013 Rioja Crianza
Case of 3
Ruby red in colour, with aromas of fresh red strawberries and vanilla on the nose
On the palate notes of strawberries, with subtle vanilla flavours from the American oak.
Serve at room temperature, enjoyable with Spanish pork stews and other meat dishes
Serving Recommendation: Serve at room temperature
Country of origin: Spain
Alcohol Content: 13% Vol
Brand: El Coto
Type: Red Wine
Vintage: 2013
Dominant Varietal: Tempranillo
Taste: Dry
Region Produced: Rioja
Subregion Produced: Rioja-La_Rioja-Spain
Varietal Composition: 100% Tempranillo
Manufacturer/Producer: El Coto
El Coto was founded in 1970 in Rioja Alavesa and has grown from modest beginnings into one of the best known of Rioja producers. Today El Coto has over 700 hectares of vineyard in production across the three Rioja DOCa sub-zones of Rioja Alta, Rioja Baja and Rioja Alavesa. They also source grapes from all three areas, but mostly from Rioja Alavesa. Head winemaker Cesar Fernandez oversees production, starting with hand-picking into 350 kg crates to ensure the grapes arrive at the winery in pristine condition.
Modern and intelligently designed, the emphasis in the winery is on temperature control and gentle handling of the grapes. The grapes for this wine are sourced mainly from Rioja Alavesa (65%) with some from Rioja Alta (25%) and Rioja Baja (10%). Soils are mainly limestone and clay. The must is fermented in stainless steel temperature controlled tanks at 20-26C over a period of 20-25 days. Malolactic fermentation occurs.
The wine is aged for a minimum of 12 months in American oak and a further 12 months in bottle before release. Intense ruby red in colour. The nose is fresh and pronounced with excellent fruit concentration. The palate is clean and well balanced, with a core of strawberry fruit combined with subtle vanilla flavours from American oak. The finish is juicy and long.

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