24 Organic Raw Chocolate Truffles

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No Added Sugar, Diary Free, Gluten Free, Soya Free, SuperFood Chocolate

24 Organic Raw Chocolate TrufflesA gorgeous mix of 5 rich chocolate truffles; chocolate chocolate, coffee chocolate, hazelnut chocolate, coconut chocolate and raspberry chocolate.
Handmade using only raw, organic superfoods and nothing else. Suitable for vegan, coeliac, diabetic and paleo diets.

No added sugar or sugar substitutes, dairy free, gluten free, soya free & alcohol free. Full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 3 truffles are 1 of your 5-a-day

g.org.e truffles have a deliciously different taste and texture to conventional sugar and fat loaded chocolate. Voted one of the top 18 luxury chocolate boxes by The Independent.

These 24 indulgent and healthy chocolate truffles are beautifully presented with a handtied ribbon. Truffle size and shape may vary. Best kept chilled and eaten within 3-4 weeks.

Storage Instructions: Best kept chilled
Manufacturer/Producer: g.org.e (Guilt-free Organic Eating Ltd)

A gorgeous selection of raw, sugar free, dairy free, gluten free and alcohol free chocolate truffles.

Each gorgeous box contains 24 truffles, included two new flavours:

  • Hazelnut Chocolate Truffle
  • Coffee Chocolate Truffle
  • Chocolate Chocolate Truffle
  • Coconut Chocolate Truffle
  • Raspberry Chocolate Truffle

All made with pure, raw organic superfoods and nothing else: no added sugar, no dairy, no gluten, no soya, no egg, no yeast, no grains, no transfats and no preservatives, flavours or colourings. g.org.e truffles are suitable for diabetics, coeliacs, paleo diets and vegans/vegetarians. Three truffles even count as one of your 5 a day, so now you can g.org.e guilt free!