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We are currently offering businesses the chance to advertise on our website on a month to month contract for the sum of £100. if you are interested and would like more information, please click here to contact us….

Sponsored Articles

We are happy to place sponsored articles for you on our blog


Adverts will appear in pre-allocated spaces that are in parts of the website that wont detract away from the content. All adverts must meet our criteria below.


Although we are keen to encourage advertising on our site we do not allow advertisements that promote any of these:

  • tobacco products
  • adult entertainment or pornography
  • drugs and pharmaceutical products
  • gambling products or services
  • political organisations

Advert chosen will not:

  • promote or endorse illegal or inappropriate behaviour or lifestyles
  • mock, degrade or poke fun at specific people or groups of people
  • be sexual in nature (including innuendo and partial or complete nudity)
  • be likely to offend visitors to the site
  • damage the reputation of our blog

We reserve the right to refuse to publish an advertisement or to withdraw a published advertisement without notice.

This above guidance is periodically reviewed and may be amended at any time.

We may impose additional restrictions on adverts appearing on particular pages or sections of our website.

If you would like to advertise on our site please contact us