Andrew James Premium Bread Maker With Gluten Free Programme

Andrew James Premium Bread Maker With Gluten Free ProgrammeAlso Features Nut And Raisin Dispenser Silver 600W

The Andrew James Bread Maker will help you when baking a wide range of breads. From gluten-free to French style bread; there’s something for everyone.

Programme your Bread Maker to start baking when you’re ready! If you’re late home, the 60 min Keep Warm Function will ensure your bread is delicious when you walk through the door.

Your Bread Maker will dispense nuts, seeds, or fruit into your dough at the opportune moment to ensure the kneading blade incorporates everything.
WATCH IT BAKE — Thanks to the viewing pane, you can check on your bread without opening the machine. The LCD screen will let you know how long is left.

You have the ability to select whether you want a loaf with a light, medium, or dark crust – a small detail that makes a huge difference. Also, choose between baking a 750g or 900g loaf.

More than an ordinary bread making machine, the Andrew James bread maker will not only make you delicious fresh bread, but can also whip up tasty cakes, pizza dough and even homemade jam!

Whether you want a 750g or 900g loaf, and light, medium or dark crust, it’s easy to choose your settings using the large buttons and the backlit LCD screen – plus you can watch the process as it happens through the viewing window!

Also, the ‘Home Made’ function allows the user program their own cycles of kneading, rising and baking. The automatic ingredients dispenser will ensure extras are added at the right time in the process, whichever setting you have chosen.

Gone are the days of rushing to the baker’s at the crack of dawn to get bread at its best – you can have that gorgeous fresh-bread smell and ready-to-eat loaves at any time of the day or night thanks to a 13 hour delay timer. There’s also a 60 minute keep-warm function so your bread will still be lovely and warm if you’re a little late.

The bread machine has a memory capability which kicks in should there be an interruption to the electricity supply – so no worries if you accidentally switch the wrong switch! Switch back on within 10 minutes and the bread maker will continue from where it stopped.

The bread maker comes complete with handy measuring cup and measuring spoon for your ingredients, as well as a kneading blade removal hook. PLUS the instruction manual will tell you everything you need to know about baking bread in the machine, including some delicious recipes to try!

Additional Information

Dimensions (cm): 35.0L x 26.0W x 31H