Courvoisier VS

Cognac Brandy 70cl

  • Courvoisier VS Cognac BrandyPerfect harmony and balance of aromas aroma is everything for cognac
  • The character of each individual note is shaped by its terroir, grape, cask and years of maturation
  • With full taste and character that leaves a clean and fresh finish on the palate

An elegant and harmonious cognac with strong notes of fresh fruit and a fresh oaky taste. Courvoisier vs (very special) is a mouth-watering blend of cognacs offering complex fruity notes with a unique richness and depth. Comes in 70 cl bottle.

Produced and bottled by: Courvoisier, 16200 Jarnac, France.

Volume: 700 ml
Units: 40 percent_by_volume
Storage Instructions: Cool Dry Place
Serving Recommendation: Serve chilled
Manufacturer: contact Produced and bottled by: Courvoisier, 16200 Jarnac, France.
Country of Origin: – France
Location Produced: In France
Alcohol: Content 40 % Vol
Brand: Courvoisier
Vintage: NV
Subregion Produced: In Cognac
Occasion: Birthdays, Christmas, Wedding, Father’s Day
Package Information: Bottle
Manufacturer/Producer: Courvoisier