Crackers For Cheese

Crackers For Cheese, Cheese Crackers, Fine Cheese CompanySelection box of crackers for cheese
Each variety wrapped in single servings of 2-3 crackers
5 varieties of cracker to suit different types of cheese
Ensures perfect freshness for every cheese tasting

Made by The Fine Cheese Company

The Fine Cheese Co. like to think they know a bit about cheese and what best goes with it. So they’ve put together this selection of crackers with particular cheeses in mind.

Tucked inside this charming box you’ll find ten portions of five of their best-loved varieties, individually wrapped so they can be enjoyed at their best. 2 x Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crackers for hard cheese 2 x Rosemary Crackers for goats’ cheese 2 x Chive Crackers for brie 2 x Charcoal Squares for crumbly cheese 2 x Bath Ovals for blue cheese