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Kracher Auslese Traminer

Kracher Auslese Traminer

Vintage of 2011

Kracher Auslese Traminer Dessert Wine from Kracher - Auslese TraminerMedium golden yellow. Hints of rose petals on the nose, orange zests and marsh mellow. On the palate grape fruit aromas, notes of wild herbs, attractive tropical fruit flavours, lively acidity. Orange zests and mineral nuances on the long finish. Vinification: fermented and aged 50 percent in stainless steel tanks and 50 percent in barrique barrels for 12 months.

  • Medium golden yellow in colour
  • Hints of rose petals on the nose
  • Orange zests and mineral nuances on the long finish

Serving Recommendation: Drinking temperature: 10-12 C. Food pairing: Fried goose liver, Pastries and Munster.
Country of origin: Austria
Alcohol Content: 12% Vol
Brand: Kracher
Type: Dessert Wine
Vintage: 2011
Dominant Varietal: Traminer
Region Produced In: Bergland
Varietal Composition: Traminer 100%

Riverina Botrytis Semillon

Riverina Botrytis Semillon

Riverina Botrytis Semillon Dessert Wine Berton VineyardsCountry of origin: Australia
Alcohol Content: 10% Vol
Brand: Berton Vineyards
Type: Dessert Wine
Vintage: 2015
Dominant Varietal: Semillon
Region Produced: New South Wales
Varietal Composition: Semillon
Manufacturer/Producer: Berton Vineyards

Despite Riverina in NSW being Australia’s largest grower of wine it has a reputation for high quality, particularly for producing some of the best Botrytis affected wines.

The Berton Reserve Semillon has a divine fragrance of orange peel, honey and sweet apricots with a fine juicy citrus taste, balanced with ripe fruit and honey flavours that carry through to beautifully balanced and persistent finish. Lush.

Muscat Beaumes de Venise Domaine de Coyeux

Muscat Beaumes de Venise Domaine de Coyeux

Muscat Beaumes de Venise Domaine de Coyeux Dessert WineDomaine de Coyeux is a beautifully located winery owned by Yves and Catherine Nativelle. It comprises of 130 hectares of
vineyards in one site block, set on a hill in a prime location at Beaumes-de-Venise. The vines are planted at an altitude of
260M, where the soil comes from one of the very rare outcrops of the Comtadine regions trias. The grapes grown are Syrah,
Cinsault, Grenache, Mourvedre and small white Muscat. Domaine de Coyeux produces Beaumes-de-Venise Muscat,
Gigondas and Cotes du Rhone villages Beaumes-de-Venise wines.

Country of origin: France
Brand: Muscat Beaumes de Ve
Type: White, Sweet Dessert Wine
Dominant Varietal: Muscat
Region Produced: Rhone Valley, Rhone Valley
Subregion Produced: Côtes du Rhône Villages
Manufacturer/Producer: Muscat Beaumes de Ve

Planted exclusively with the single grape variety ‘Muscat blanc a petits grains’. In the oldest vines, this ancient grape variety
can include lack grapes with white juice which add very structured aromas to the wine. The planting density is 4000 vines per

Cold pressing of the grapes, complete with stalks. Fermentation lasts 7 to 9 days in stainless steel, thermoregulated vats at
low temperatures of 4 to 6 degrees. Mutage (the stopping of fermentation) by adding grape spirit in order to obtain a wine
presenting an alcoholic degree of 15% by volume and residual sugar of 110 grams per liter. the different cuvees are made up
according to the age of the vines, their exposure and the harvest date. Blending is made towards the end of february.

Tasting Note
Delicious sweet wine, rich and grapey with full, tropical flavours combined with freshness and elegance.
Every day serving suggestion
Wine Name: Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, Cuve Les Trois Fonts

Chilled at 8C as an aperitif or with foie gras and melon and at the end of a meal with desserts.

Royal Tokaji 5 Puttonyos

Royal Tokaji 5 Puttonyos

Royal Tokaji 5 Puttonyos Desert WineA very sweet dessert wine but balanced with amazing acidity, a trademark of this style of wine.

The three grape varieties are Furmint, Harslevelu and Muscat de Lunel.
The ‘5 Puttonyos’ refer to the level of sweetness of the wine (7 being the maximum).

Awards: International Wine Challenge (2008) – Bronze

Storage Instructions: Best stored in a cool dark place.
Serving Recommendation: Serve well chilled.
Country of origin: France
Alcohol Content: 11.5% Vol
Brand: Royal Tokaji
Type: White Wine
Vintage: 2008
Dominant Varietal: Furmint
Taste: Sweet
Region Produced: Tokaji
Varietal Composition: Furmint; Harslevelü;Muscat
Manufacturer/Producer: Royal Tokaji

Medium gold in in appearance, with a fine fresh bouquet of orange peel and flowers. On the palate it has an excellent balance, the sweetness being offset by fine acidity. Flavours of tropical fruits and oranges with a great length. A perfect example of a five puttonyos wine.

Seifried Sweet Agnes Riesling

Seifried Sweet Agnes Riesling

Seifried Sweet Agnes Riesling Dessert Wine, Seifried Sweet AgnesThe palate is full and mouth filling with succulent moreish flavours of tangerine and luscious peach. Gorgeous acidity cuts through the palate and invites another sip.
Using 100% Riesling fruit, the grapes were hand selected at the peak of ripeness with a large portion of the fruit shrivelled and raisined, caused by natural dehydration. The grapes were then gently pressed to release a very concentrated intensely flavoured juice.

Our Brightwater vineyard is situated 15 km from the coast and is sheltered from the south by the Richmond ranges. The “soil” is a combination of rocks and boulders, which is very hard on the farm equipment, but vital for holding the warmth of Nelson’s sun and for ripening grapes.

Serving Recommendation: Best served well chilled.
Country of origin: New Zealand
Alcohol Content: 10.5% Vol
Brand: Seifried Estate
Type: Dessert Wine
Vintage: 2015
Dominant Varietal: Riesling
Region Produced: Nelson

Seifried’s most celebrated wine, the 2015 Sweet Agnes Riesling is concentrated and intense. Vibrant citrus notes together with luscious stone-fruit characters come through on the nose.

Carmel Palwin No.10 Menorah

Carmel Palwin No.10 Menorah

Carmel Palwin No.10 Menorah Red Dessert WineRed Dessert Wine

Package Type: Bottle
Country of Origin: Israel
Alcohol Content: 12.5% Vol
Brand: Palwin
Vintage: NV
Manufacturer/Producer: Palwin No.10

Palwin No. 10 is a mellow dessert wine, with a pleasant bouquet and rich taste. This is to certify that all Wines, Beverages and Grape Juice produced by Carmel are Kosher for Passover and the whole year round, with strict adherance to all the and without any of Oral, Tevel and Shviit.

Chateau De Myrat Sauternes Sweet Dessert Wine

Chateau De Myrat Sauternes Sweet Dessert Wine

37.5cl Half Bottle

Chateau De Myrat Sauternes Sweet Dessert WineBest Served Lightly Chilled
Semillon 88%, Sauvignon 8%, Muscadelle 4%
Vintages, Batch No’s & Packaging are subject to change and may vary from the details provided here

Storage Instructions: Store on its side under cellar conditions
Serving Recommendation: Best Served Lightly Chilled
Country of origin: France
Alcohol Content: 13% Vol
Brand: Château De Myrat
Type: White Wine
Vintage: NV
Dominant Varietal: Semillon
Taste: Sweet
Region Produced: Bordeaux
Varietal Composition: Semillon 88%, Sauvignon 8%, Muscadelle 4%
Manufacturer/Producer: Costco

A nice golden colour, the Château De Myrat Sauternes 2005 has a superb nose with orange zest aromas, exotic fruits, vanilla and spices.

The wine is full bodied, silky and has a great aromatic fullness. This wine has lots of sweetness with a very elegant balance!


Pillitteri Canadian Ice

Pillitteri Canadian Ice Dessert wine

Pillitteri Canadian Ice

Dessert wine

Canada’s wine industry really only began to blossom in the 1970s, with the proliferation of small, quality focused wineries – and in particular, the “consistently high quality of the sweet wines” that began to appear (Jancis Robinson MW). Gary Pillitteri – a fruit farmer and market stall holder whose parents had emigrated from Sicily in the 1940s – made his first ice wine in 1988.

It won a Gold medal in a local competition and Gary went on to found one of the Niagara Peninsula’s most successful cellars. This precious ice wine was made using Vidal grapes harvested while still naturally frozen and pressed at an average of -10°C – thus enhancing their sweetness and concentrated aromatic flavours. Perfect with cheesecake or key lime pie.

Country of origin: Canada
Alcohol Content: 10.5% Vol
Type: White Wine
Vintage: 2013
Dominant Varietal: Vidal
Taste: Sweet
Cuisine: Perfect with cheesecake or key lime pie.
Subregion Produced In: Niagara Peninsula
Varietal Composition: Vidal
Manufacturer/Producer: Pillitteri

Our View

An unusual tropical fruit overtone is present, a good nose and drinkable

Lanchester Elderberry Fruit Wine

Lanchester Elderberry Fruit Wine

Lanchester Elderberry Fruit WineLanchester elderberry fruit wine is robust red, rich in colour and flavour. A superb after dinner drink. 14.5% alc.

Alcohol Content: 14.50% Vol
Brand: Lanchester
Type: Fruit
Vintage: NV
Taste: sweet
Manufacturer/Producer: Los Troncos

Our View

An easy drinking flavorful fruit wine

Rubis Chocolate Red Wine

Rubis Chocolate Wine


Chocolate Red Wine 500ml

Delicious Chocolate indulgence
Fantastic Gift
Try it on Ice Cream!!
500 ml bottle
100% Tempranillo

An indulgent blend of fortified red wine and premium chocolate flavour. Velvety chocolate in the mouth with red fruit and cherry flavours. Drink as a liqueur with or without ice. The perfect dessert wine to accompany chocolate based sweets or even ice cream. 50cl 100% Tempranillo red wine from La Mancha, Spain

Our View

This is a jolt to the system, in a good way! It’s velvety smooth, richly deep, and there’s no nasty after taste. The chocolate is fabulously dark and I could actually smell the hints of cherry, the mix of the two is very well judged, the wine doesn’t overpower the chocolate, and the visa versa. It’s sweet though and is likely to please those with a sweet tooth.

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