Flor De Cana

Extra Seco 4 Year Old White Rum 70cl

Flor De Cana Extra Seco 4 Year Old White RumFlor de Cana or “Flower Of The Cane”, is one of the world’s greatest ‘Single Estate’ rum brands, first produced in Nicaragua in 1890 and now distributed in over forty countries worldwide. It is the leading brand of rum sold throughout Central America and has experienced double digit growth in new markets over the past ten years. It is produced using natural ingredients, distilled five times for clarity and alcohol purity, Slow-Aged in charred, American white oak barrels previously used to mature American Bourbon Whiskies and bottled exclusively in Chichigalpa, Nicaragua.

Flor de Cana rum is produced using a time-honoured tradition
A recipe and a tradition that has resulted in Flor de Cana receiving
Flor de Cana is an award-winning, Naturally Slow-Aged,
COLOUR: Crystal clear.
PALATE: Medium-bodied. Leads with a smooth, round mouth-feel followed by flavours of vanilla and coconut

Our view
A highly recomended tipple, a palate that is unlike any other