Herb Liqueurs 70cl

Jagermeister Herb Liqueurs Jager Bomb JagerBombJagermeister, meaning hunt master is a German bitter liqueur. Dating from the seventh century it is made of a complex blend of 56 herbs, fruits and spices and should be served icy cold.

The label features a stags head with a cross because, according to legend, the drinks founder Hubertas, upon losing his wife, would go off into the woods alone to hunt and saw a magnificent stag with a floating cross between its antlers.

His vision moved him to change his life and gave all his material possesions away before founding several monastries and becoming the Patron Saint of Hunters.

Country of origin: Scotland
Alcohol Content: 35% Vol
Brand: Jagermeister
Vintage: NV
Age Range Description: 18 and up
Occasion: Birthdays, Christmas, Wedding, Father’s Day

Our View

The rich herbal tastes of cough mixture with a kick like of a size 13 steel capped boot