Junipero Gin 70cl

Junipero GinDistilled with twelve botanicals together
Heavy flavour with a pronounced spiciness
Classic and timeless gin profile

Serving Recommendation: Serve chilled
Country of origin: United States
Alcohol Content: 49.3 % Vol
Brand: Junipero
Type: Ginebra
Region Produced: California
Manufacturer/Producer: Junipero

Junipero gin is a smooth, clean and dry gin with an assertive juniper flavour and a spicy finish. Made by Anchor Distilling in Potrero Hill in San Francisco, California, Junipero was launched in 1998 and was truly one of the first in the new wave of gins to reach the market during the category’s recent resurgence. Junipero Gin is a London Dry Gin that is rather flavoursome having been distilled with twelve botanicals together in a small copper pot still.

The result is a traditional juniper heavy flavour with a pronounced spiciness. While the final botanical list remains secret, citrus elements (perhaps even grapefruit given the distillery’s geographical location) as well as coriander and liquorice play their part in complementing a classic, timeless gin profile. Although the nose is subtle, there is little more to say about the spirit that is exactly what its name suggests – juniper predominant gin with no aspirations to be anything other than a typical London Dry. Allegedly the name Junipero – Spanish for juniper, is also a word play that refers to Junipero Serra, an important figure in San Francisco and California’s history.

As with many stronger, traditional tasting gins (bottled at 49.3 percent ABV), Junipero makes for a great Martini.