Prucia Plum French Liqueur

Prucia Plum French Liqueur Enjoy the ultimate plum liqueur...Made from high quality plums
Extremely smooth, fresh and delicate
Unique nectar is a harmonious blend

Enjoy the ultimate plum liqueur…

Serving Recommendation: Serve chilled
Country of origin: France
Alcohol Content: 15% Vol
Brand: Prucia
Cuisine: French
Package Information: bottle
Manufacturer/Producer: Isake

Prucia Plum French Liqueur is made in France with Carefully selected from their own French-grown Golden Japanese plums. Prucia is made by macerating the plums in grape spirit before ageing in French oak barrels and matured to perfection.

The end result having a harmonious blend of almond & marzipan along with the juicy plum flavours. Great in a glass of sparkling wine as an alternative Kir Royale”.