Thunder Toffee Vodka

Thunder Toffee Vodka is made from a triple distilled premium vodka.

Thunder Toffee Vodka 70cl Toffee Flavoured VodkaThen blended with a delicious creamy toffee syrup, made from all natural ingredients, additive and preservative free.

  • Best served cold as a shot, over ice or in a cocktail.
  • Perfect mixer for apple juice, ginger beer & a twist of lime
  • Award winning British Vodka product, Thunder Toffee Vodka has won four recent gold medals within the industry; For taste and presentation. Produced in London.
  • The highly acclaimed Spirit Business Awards, Thunder Vodka wins Gold 2009, 2010, 2011, Thunder has been awarded with a great taste gold award 2012.
  • 29.9 triple distilled wheat grain vodka produced in the UK.

Our View

An unusual combination the buttery toffee flavour is offset by the sharp vodka kick. An experience not to be missed