Winebuddy Merlot – Red Wine – 30 Bottle 23L Wine Kit

Wine Buddy Merlot 30 Bottle 7 Day Home Brew Red Wine Making KitReady in just 7 Days!
Contains all the ingredients you need to make your wine.
Just add 4kg of sugar and water.
All ingredients grape juice concentrate, yeast and chemicals are included.
Makes 30 bottles (23L) of your favourite variety of wine
ABV 11%

The Winebuddy Merlot is similar to the Cabernet Sauvignon, the main difference is that it contains less harsh tannins so this wine is better balanced immediately after it has been made and ideal for drinking young. The Merlot grape has a hint of plums and a well balanced aftertaste. This medium dry Merlot red is a perfect choice to go with most meat dishes.

Our view
It produces a drinkable passable merlot in just 7 days